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In 2017, Australia became one of the most expensive countries in the world to live and buy property. People began worrying about their finances on a scale like never before. As Australia’s largest bank, Commonwealth Bank asked us to find a new way to listen to Australian’s on important cultural issues.


We began with the insight that everyday, millions of people across Australia use Commonwealth Bank ATM’s. But it’s a purely functional transaction. 


Our idea was to use the national ATM network in an entirely new way. To ask how Australian’s feel about their finances in the context of social and cultural issues. And respond with products, services and advice that directly reflect the needs of the Australia public, based on real data.

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As people withdrew money, we designed the ATM to ask simple questions. Each with a YES or NO answer

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A 22% response rate 

Over 1.3 million interactions to date

The largest data gathering campaign ever undertaken by a brand, matching the scale of a national census.

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