launching An australian charity to the world


Global Launch Film


The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) has transformed the lives of thousands of disadvantaged kids across Australia. After remarkable success here, they decided to launch internationally. To do so, they set out to find 5 young leaders from around the world to start AIME in their own countries. Our job was to find them, and persuade them to take part.


An international launch was a very ambitious undertaking for a relatively unknown Australian charity. Among the many tasks, we had to:

1.  Generate awareness for AIME across multiple countries, starting from zero brand recognition
2. Do it with very little resource
3. Target students, convincing them to become part of this charity they’d never heard of.

So we had to share an idea that was informative, universally-appealing and inspiring for students; something that would propel itself organically through their networks.

To achieve this, we reframed AIME’s work in education as the solution to a highly-topical global problem—the broken system; because education really can start to fix it.

We also collaborated with Oscar-winning filmmaker and animator, Laurent Witz, to tell our story in a symbolic way, free of language or ethnicity—something that could be understood anywhere in the world.



If we want to change the world, we need to change the way it works.

We’re all part of an unfair system, in which the wealthy are favoured and the poor are left behind.

It’s only when we work against the system that we can start to make things fairer for all.

This is AIME's purpose—to create a fairer world through the sharing of education.



- Online
- Social
- PR
- Direct
- Activation
- Influencer marketing

The online/social launch film was the core component of our campaign. It hooked viewers in before driving them to our digital recruitment platform. 

The strategy for disseminating the film was multifaceted, and included: creating various edits for multiple social platforms; a youth-targeted PR strategy; direct marketing to universities and student bodies; and a youth influencer strategy. 

The online campaign was also supported by on-ground activations in key cities and at select universities, where AIME staff helped tell the organisation’s story and promote its launch.


Shortly after its launch, our film was quickly picked up by mainstream and youth publications around the world, gaining tens of millions of unpaid views and media impressions.

With no social media spend whatsoever, it was viewed over 15 million times on Facebook alone, and shared over by over 300,000 individuals.

Our recruitment platform (which viewers of the film were driven to) received nearly 1,000 applications from 67 different countries. (Bear in mind that the application process was exceptionally difficult, and included students having to onboard their university, convincing them to create a $70,000 position for the new, local AIME leader).

From that pool of ambitious applicants, we found our five exceptional students, and they were transformed into social entrepreneurs and AIME leaders overnight.

They're now busy launching AIME in the countries, and using the power of education to change the way the world works.

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